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Marcus Rashford has been spearheading a movement to make sure underprivileged school children can have access to free food over the holidays.
The movement has sparked a group of restaurateurs to initiate a campaign to help eliminate food poverty in their communities.

Not only will they be raising funds and donating to food banks and local organisations working in the community. They also hope to inspire other businesses to take part in the campaign.

Within a few days, many restaurants have joined the campaign in East Anglia & Cambridgeshire and it’s already spreading locally and nationally with restaurants as far as Birmingham also joining the campaign.

It’s wonderful that we can work together with fellow businesses for the betterment of our community. By working together, we can make a bigger impact and our message can reach more people with the ultimate aim of keeping our food banks filled and families fed during this winter – Julal & Syed, Taj Tandoori